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The Makeup Wardrobe: Lashes

August 10, 2015
The Makeup Wardrobe: Lashes

The Makeup Wardrobe: Lashes
The last few months I have been absolutely obsessed with layering my mascara. It may seem high maintenance but they difference I notice is huuuuuge and I think I have strayed from doing my mascara this way maybe once or twice in the past two months. That’s pretty big, I think!

The two mascaras I have been layering are Covergirl’s Flamed Out mascara in Very Black Blaze and Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara in Blackest Black. Combining the two give me long, voluminous lashes that I don’t need to bother curling at all and never clumps up on me. Especially if I use Flamed Out first and then layer Lash Sensational on top. It’s utter perfection, y’all.

I bought Lash Sensational and Flamed Out around the same time and wasn’t enamoured with either. Lash Sensational’s brush was great – it let me really get into the hard to reach places of the lashes – but it was so wet that I found it hard to work with. Mascara all over the eyelids is not fun. So after consultation with some of the girls in the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Facebook group I decided to pick up Flamed Out. It boasted thick, voluminious lashes would be at my finger tips and hey, that’s what I was all about.

The Makeup Wardrobe: Maybelline Lash Sensational

The Makeup Wardrobe: Covergirl Flamed Out

Flamed Out is a nice mascara, I love that it’s got the fibre bristles on the wand and I love how it hugs my lashes. It does give me volume without needing a lot of effort. But it still wasn’t quite what I wanted. And then I put Lash Sensational on top and boooooom it was exactly what I wanted.

The Makeup Wardrobe: Lashes

I’m hooked on this new mascara system. Though I think my Lash Sensational is drying out too much and Flamed Out is almost used up. Noooooooooooooooo.

What mascara should I try next? (Cus we all know I won’t repurchase even if I adore it, ha!)

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  1. Oooh, I LOVE how your lashes look! I’ve never really tried layering mascaras.. like ever lol I guess I just try to find the one mascara that does everything I need it to do.. But I love this combo so I may give it a shot 🙂

    1. Thanks Kelly!! I usually just try to find one mascara too but both of these were SO CLOSE that I felt like I needed to try to use em up. The search continues for the one perfect mascara though!

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