The Bob is Back

July 13, 2015

Good morning, lovelies!

It’s been quiteΒ a while since I’ve posted, huh? We moved at the end of June and my entire routine has been thrown off – including my blogging one. I’ve been having the toughest time getting back into it! So I thought that I should start easy and have a little catch up.

The past few weeks have been so great. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here in Halifax and now that we’ve moved closer to downtown (aka into civilization) it’s so so much easier to go out and about and enjoy the city. We can actually go for walks in the evening and see more than houses! Haha, it’s perfect.

I also chopped my hair off! I was totally inspired by Essie Button, but I am really loving it. I feel so much more feminine and cute with this hair cut! Plus it’s a dream to dry and style, haha.

How have you all been? Catch me up on the happenings in your world!

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  1. I love your hair! Sometimes the thought of chopping mine off pops in my head, but it’s just a thought. I did have it tied up almost all the time when I was on maternity leave so now that I’m back to work I’m enjoying it again – NOT tied up! πŸ™‚ In my early 20s I did go from pretty much the length I have now down to about 2 inches long, and then to about 1 inches long – crazy short! But I LOVED it!!

    1. I had a pixie cut a few years ago and loved how easy it was to style!! I don’t think I’d go that short again but it’s definitely made me feel more free when it comes to chopping the hair.

  2. Love the hair!!!!
    I keep trying to get the button bob but my hair is soooo thick I look like a triangle head.
    Yours looks awesome and will be so light for the summer, send some heat to Newfoubdland please!

    Ps: new place photos!! πŸ˜‰

    1. Oh noooo triangle head is the worst! I get that as my hair grows out of this cut. It’s not fun haha. I will do my best on the heat thing! πŸ˜‰

      I want to do new place photos, but I need to actually finish unpacking/put things in their place first…

    1. I’m really glad I did it! Though I haven’t quiiiite got the hang of styling it yet – it’s taking me longer than my longer hair at the moment. πŸ™‚ Thanks Elyse! <3

  3. Cute hair!!! I was watching essie buttons’ youtube video on styling her short hair and I was so tempted to do a bob too hehe, maybe sometime later.

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