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Red Apple Lipstick Firecracker – Review & Swatches

February 15, 2016
Red Apple Lipstick Firecracker Review |

Red Apple Lipstick Firecracker Review |

Way back in October I had a terrible incident where a bunch of my lipsticks melted from their place on my bookshelves. I was absolutely gutted to lose my Red Apple Lipstick lippie in Pinkle Twinkle – I didn’t wear it often, but it was a beautiful soft violet and I didn’t have anything like it. When Red Apple Lipstick saw my post lamenting it on Facebook, they offered to send me a replacement lipstick. I was blown away – I have never seen a company offer to replace something that broke, especially because it had been a blogger sample anyway.

Red Apple sadly discontinued Pinkle Twinkle, but I’ve seen Ashley of Makeup That Is All wear Red Apple Lipstick Firecracker and loved it on her. So I knew immediately which one to pick. Red Apple Lipstick Firecracker * is a beautiful rusty orange with a slight golden shimmer that is totally unique in my lipstick collection. I have a lot of oranges, but not a rusty orange and I’m very happy to have one!

Red Apple Lipstick Firecracker Review |

The Red Apple Lipstick formula is beautiful – hydrating, soft and so easy to wear. This one is slightly gritty thanks to the glitter but it’s nothing that bothers me. I don’t even notice after a few minutes. Red Apple is a gluten-free makeup company based out of the USA that creates its products in small batches without chemicals. They also have eyeshadows, glosses, lip pencils, eyeliner and mascara so you can pretty much make a whole face of makeup out of Red Apple’s gloriousness. I’ve only tried their lipsticks but I’m definitely smitten.

Red Apple Lipstick Firecracker Swatch |

Red Apple Lipstick Firecracker is super pigmented – both arm swatch above and lip swatch below were done in one layer! (Though the lip swatch has a layer of nude lipliner underneath it.)

Red Apple Lipstick Firecracker Lip Swatch |

I am still so touched by the amazing customer service I experienced with Red Apple. I don’t have many products from them, but I know that I’m going to be saving my nickels and dimes to support them more often. That kind of customer service is so rare that I need to support it!

Have you ever had a customer service experience that made you support a company more?

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  1. I think we watch a lot of the same YouTubers, because I also heard of Red Apple Lipstick via Ashley TIA as well! I really need to investigate getting some of these lipsticks – do you have any idea what the shipping fees are like to Canada?

  2. I haven’t tried Red Apply yet, but they’ve been on my radar for a while. I wish they were available at stores coz I hate paying shipping costs. But Firecracker is so tempting a shade that I may have to do it!

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