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LUSH Don’t Look at Me Fresh Face Mask

April 28, 2016

LUSH Don't Look at Me Fresh Face Mask | uptherollercoaster.comLUSH fresh face masks are some of my favourite masks ever. Catastrophe Cosmetic is my all time favourite anti-acne mask, but my skin has been surprisingly good lately (I credit the Indeed cream I reviewed last week…) so I haven’t needed a lot of acne products. I always enjoy a good brightening/exfoliating mask, though, so LUSH Don’t Look at Me sounded perfect. Zoe and I actually both picked this up last time she was in town as part of LUSH’s 5 Pot Program.

LUSH Don’t Look at Me is incredibly blue in colour and smells fresh and bright. It’s two star ingredients are lemon for brightening and crushed white rice for exfoliating. It’s very refreshing on the skin and left my skin sooooooo soft and smooth. Despite being super exfoliating it didn’t dry my skin out or leave it irritated at all. It was the perfect amount of scrub!

LUSH Don't Look at Me Fresh Face Mask |

I love to use LUSH Don’t Look at Me all over my face or in combination with an oil-zapping mask to do a bit of multi masking magic.

What’s your favourite face mask?

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  1. Ouuuhhh, this does sound good! I haven’t done a mask in ages, but now I really want to throw them all on my face. Will definitely have to give this a try. I’m often put off my LUSH masks because they need to be refrigerated and used quickly, and that just stresses me out. Glad they’re doing more self preserving ones, and hopefully this one will be too!

  2. This was the most disappointing LUSH mask I’ve tried, but when I spoke to the man in LUSH he told me that if you have dry to combination skin (like me) this is one you should avoid. I really enjoy Love Lettuce and BB Seaweed from LUSH – they make my skin feel really soft and nourished

    Steph –

  3. I want to try this!!! I’ve been so lazy exfoliating and a mask like that would make life more efficient haha! PLUS I love anything in that colour, reminds me of ocean salt!

  4. I just tried Cosmetic Catastrophe and really liked it! This one is next on my list! The 5 pot program is super handy, I love feeling like I am getting a special treat of a face mask for free!

  5. I got this mask after turning in 5 empty pots too & I LOVE it! Mostly, I really love the color lol but it leaves my skin smooth and incredibly bright 🙂 Glad to see someone hoards Lush pots like me lol! Great post!

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