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Hair Recipes Egg and Cognac Shampoo Bundle

May 5, 2016

Hair Recipes Egg and Cognac Shampoo BundleThis post contains products that were sent to me for my consideration. Go here for my disclosure policy.

The last few months have been very good for shampoo reviewing here on Up the Rollercoaster. Lately I’ve been using a new product line that claims to nourish and strengthen with cognac and…eggs? Yep, ingredients you can find in your kitchen are the key ingredients in the Hair Recipes Egg and Cognac Shampoo Bundle.

This paraben- and sulphate-free formula is aimed at hair that looks is a bit dull and damaged. Thanks to the protein in the shampoo, the hair strands are strengthened and are less likely to break or develop split ends. As someone who heat styles her hair a lot, this is music to my ears. My hair gets damaged pretty quickly if I’m not careful with it, so I’m willing to try anything that helps prevent that damage.

Hair Recipes Egg and Cognac Shampoo Bundle

The bundle contains not only the Hair Recipes Egg and Cognac Shampoo, but also the Egg Yolk Conditioner and the Macadamia Oil to add even more moisture to damaged ends. I’ve been using these products for a few weeks now and I have noticed that my hair is very shiny when I use them – especially the Hair Recipes Macadamia Oil, but my hair also starts to look greasy faster. I can usually go two – three days without washing my hair (thanks, dry shampoo), but with this bundle my hair starts to look greasy by the end of day one. Maybe this product is more suited to dry hair than the normal to dry that it’s aimed at, but my normal hair doesn’t like it at the roots very much. I do have to say that the ends of my hair do look less fluffy and damaged after I’ve used the whole regime – especially the oil, so I think for the right hair type the Hair Recipes Egg and Cognac Shampoo Bundle would be perfect.

You can find Hair Recipes Egg and Cognac Shampoo, Conditioner and Macadamia Oil on their website.

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  1. Very interesting ingredients to use in a shampoo! Maybe this is more of a 1-2 times a week thing if it’s so conditioning? I’m curious but my hair is probably too fine to use this 🙁

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