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Guest Post: Ready with Reds with Zoe

December 7, 2015

I swear I’m almost back, but I’ve still got a week and a bit to go. I’ll be back soon to regular posting, but in the mean time Zoe has pretty much the perfect post showing off her favourite red lipsticks. – Jodi
Writing Whimsy Read with Reds
When I had the opportunity to guest post for Jodi, of course my first instinct was to share my massive collection of bright lipsticks…Or not. If you follow me already over at Writing Whimsy, it’s quite obvious that red lipstick is not a staple in my routine. And yet..of course I still have some. I thought it would be great to share 4 of my favourites so you too can be Ready With Reds. I went with 2 opaque (one high end, one drugstore) and 2 sheer (one high end, one drugstore) options and I love them all. Let’s get to swatching!

Writing Whimsy Read with Reds
The four red lipsticks I picked are swatched from left to right: Dior Holiday 2015 Diorific Mat Velvet Colour Lipstick in Fabuleuse 750*, Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Adorable Matt!*, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Cherry* and Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick in Light-Medium Red*. The drugstore options aren’t exact dupes of the high end shades, but to me, they both serve the same purpose and I love all four regardless of price tag.

Writing Whimsy Read with Reds
For opaque reds, I happened to go with two mostly matte shades, and those are generally my favourites. Red lipstick is enough work to wear without worrying too much about it sliding around, so going with a more matte finish is a great option.

The Dior Holiday 2015 Diorific Mat Velvet Colour Lipstick in Fabuleuse 750 (full review here) is a luxe, limited edition shade. This classic red is perfect for the holidays–especially with that packaging! It’s definitely on the creamy side of matte with a bit of a sheen.

For an option that’s less than 10% of the price (yeah…I know) there’s the Essence Longlasting Lipstick in Adorable Matt! (full review here). This cherry red shade is a lot more matte, but still comfortable to wear, and when it fades it leaves behind a stain. I always think I am going to declutter this shade, because of how infrequently I wear red lipstick, but it’s just such a stunner I hold onto it! If you don’t wear opaque reds often and want something super affordable for special occasions, I definitely recommend this shade.
Writing Whimsy Read with RedsI definitely get more use out of the sheer reds in my collection than the opaque ones, because these shades are not only very comfortable to wear, but they are a great introduction to the red lip.

I talk regularly about how much I love the Fresh Lip Treatments, and I even got Jodi hooked on them, so it’s not much of a surprise to find the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15 in Cherry (full review here) included. I love everything from the metal packaging to the lemon scent to how lovely it feels on my lips. Even though this shade is sheer, there’s still enough pigmentation to give cherry tint, and I definitely use a mirror when I apply.

For a drugstore option I really need to reach for more, there’s the Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick in Light-Medium Red (full review here). There are a total of 12 colours available in this range, but they are divided into a Berry, Pink, Nude and Red for three different skintones. However, this red can easily be worn by anyone, and although it has some fine shimmer in it, it’s not really noticeable on the lips and feels very comfortable. I’d consider this product a balm-lipstick hybrid, and you can build up the pigmentation.
Writing Whimsy Read with RedsI’m pretty sure I’ve never worn red lipstick (the opaque kind) out of the house but regardless of if you have the confidence to rock a red lip, or prefer a sheerer option, hopefully there’s something for you to love in this post! Have you tried any of these shades before? What’s your favourite red lipstick?

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  1. Such a nice selection of reds! I love the packaging of Dior’s holiday lipsticks and that pigmentation! So pretty. I’ve really been wanting to try Fresh’s Rose balm as well- I love a sheer, moisturizing red lip product 🙂

    1. THAT DIOR THOUGH. Sigh. The Fresh Rose balm is a great every day shade, I’ve finished at least one mini in the past, since it’s just a comfortable sheer was of colour. Cherry is a bit more bold, but still within my daily ‘red comfort zone’

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