First Ever Colourpop Order!

October 10, 2016

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a haul here, but I am so darn excited about my first ever Colourpop Cosmetics order that I had to share a little peak. I haven’t tried any of these products for a long enough time to have any definitive thoughts, but that doesn’t mean I can’t share a little bit of makeup porn, right?

Colourpop Haul |

By now, most bloggers have tried at least something from Colourpop, but it’s taken me ages to jump on the bandwagon. Honestly, it was Kaitlyn’s fault. When I was in Toronto a few weeks ago she was sharing her recent haul and I swatched Kween…that was that. I couldn’t resist. Especially because it happened to be in the free international shipping period.

I only ordered lip products. I wanted very badly to try their brow products too but hey…one thing at a time!

Colourpop Haul

I decided to choose colours that I wanted to try, but that I would never buy from a more expensive brown. Like a green. I’ve wanted green lipstick for ages, but there’s no way I’m paying $20 or more for one. So I ended up with a couple of metallics, a single matte, and a handful of satins and lippie stix. From what I’ve tested so far, I am loving the Ultra Satin formula! But really…let’s just get to the photos, right?

Colourpop Haul

I wasn’t sure how to show off the lipsticks. Swatches felt to review-like and well…there are oodles of swatches for all of these online. So I went with the bottoms of them – you can see the colours and the names that way.

Colourpop Haul - Ultra Metallic Lipsticks in Man Eater and Kween; Ultra Matte Dr M
Ultra Metallic Lipsticks in Man Eater and Kween; Ultra Matte in Dr. M
Colourpop Haul - Lippie Stix in Climax, Lumiere, Brink and Leather
Lippie Stix in Climax, Lumiere, Leather and Brink
Colourpop Haul - Ultra Satin Lipsticks in Femme, Molly and Frick 'n' Frack
Ultra Satin Lipsticks in Femme, Molly and Frick ‘n’ Frack

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  1. I’d love to know your thoughts on Dr. M! I usually like the ultra matte formula, but this one (in my minimal testing) feels thick and goopy and very dry. Not ideal!

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