Fall Trend: Braids

October 6, 2014

Fashion Magazine recently posted an article highlighting ten trends for Fall 2014 inspired by the runway and some Canadian Beauty Bloggers thought it would be fun to put our own spins on those trends!

When I saw this trend, I will admit that my heart sunk. My short hair is not easy to style (at least, I haven’t figured out how to do it well yet) and braids? That was going to be easier said than done. So I let myself stew for a few days until I had an aha! moment.

Fall Trends - Braids | Up the Rollercoaster

Taking pictures of the side of your head is not as easy as you would think. First you gotta make sure you’re not pulling a really unattractive face while trying to focus on looking pretty/holding your head somewhat straight, next you have to make sure that the thing you’re trying to photograph is a) in focus and b) is in the shot. Without seeing the shot. I took a lot of photographs, let me tell you.

But I digress, this look is actually pretty easy to pull off for those of us with short hair! I used Herbal Essence’s Curling Mousse after wetting my hair down, added in Chi’s Iron Guard for heat protection, then blow dried my hair upside down while scrunching it mercilessly. Once dry I sprayed the bejeezus out of it with TRESemme’s Climate Protection Extra Hold Finishing Spray and scrunched some more to make sure that texture stayed put. Then I grabbed my bangs, braided them and pinned them to the side, using some of my loose hair to cover up the pin. Easy peasy!

Tell me your favourite way to braid your hair in the comments!

Natalie from Ivory Avenue started this series a few weeks ago – go see her take on the trends here!

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  1. The look is so cute on you, I like how its further back and kind of hidden, gives you a very bohemian look!! I’m growing my hair out so I can do braids like the milkmaid braid and a long fishtail haha…I have a looooong way to go!!


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