Reviews are written on both products purchased by me and products sent to me by companies for review. Items that have been sent complimentary to me are always noted. I am not obligated to review products that been sent to me positively, receiving these items complimentary does not influence my review.

If a post is sponsored it will be reviewed by me before posting and will be clearly stated that the post is sponsored.

All images and information are property of Up the Rollercoaster unless otherwise stated. You are welcome to share any of the images and information provided here, but please credit Up the Rollercoaster.

I do use Photoshop to edit my images, but I never use it to alter my appearance other than to make the photo look more like it does in real life. I¬†won’t conceal blemishes or under eye circles or the like unless they take away from the post in some way – for instance, if I’m reviewing a blush and I have blemishes¬†that are distracting from the blush I may get rid of them.

last updated May 9, 2016.