About Me

About Up the Rollercoaster

I’m Jodi, a student, caffeine addict and cat lover loving in Halifax, Nova Scotia with my cat (Korra) and husband (Dylan). Up the Rollercoaster is my little corner of the internet where I share all of the things that I’m excited about in the world of beauty, makeup and skincare.

I love testing out makeup and finding my next favourite product. Right now I’m all about bronzer, tinted brow gel and purple lipstick because why not? In addition to makeup, I also like to write about skincare, tea (and coffee) and my favourite bath and pamper products.

My posts are geared towards Canadians, though I love hearing from everyone throughout the world! I am also on a budget, so you will likely see more drugstore items than high end and I try to keep everything I feature here under $50. (Though my addiction to Sephora is real.)

Thanks for stopping by! If you’d like to get in contact with me feel free to send me an email, or a tweet

– Jodi